Limiting inventory availability per sales channel.

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I run 2 bricks and mortar stores as well as a webstore. 

We often have product that is highly sought after and like to limit availability online (cue sound of heads exploding at shopify HQ). When you offer both online and instore, this is invaluable for our local customers. Regardless of anyone else's opinion, we wanna do it, it works for us. Howeverrrrr, there does not seem a simple solution. I can't pick and choose which sales locations are available to my website. I cannot 'stop selling at X inventory' unlike the 'stop selling at 0' feature. 


Just wondered if anyone else has overcome this?

Having spoken to shopify on the phone, they point out that this is the antithesis of what they do, it doesn't make sense to them and they thought my peers may have a solution! fingers crossed!