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I have been trying to edit my logo so I can have it appear on different pages of my shopify store. Basically I have been trying to have a specific logo appear on the home page and another logo to appear on every other page. I have been using reference from and I am new to coding and would really like some help because the problem is like the part of your back that you can't scratch. 

Password: RonCharon123! 

Product Page

what it looks like on every page besides homewhat it looks like on every page besides home

Home Page: 

Banner appears over bugBanner appears over bug

Closing the banner leaves the bug visibleClosing the banner leaves the bug visible


Below is my code from theme.liquid of my store. A friend said the problem was here in the code, he could be wrong and decided to ask the forum with experts  


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 <body class="template-{{ template | replace: '.', ' ' | truncatewords: 1, '' | handle }}{% if settings.enable_currencies %} currencies-enabled{% endif %}" data-transitions="{{ settings.animate_page_transitions }}">

<script src="" defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-6b9a3b94-1d8d-4245-a8e5-c0e276c2dba5"></div>

{% if settings.animate_page_transitions %}
<script type="text/javascript">window.setTimeout(function() { document.body.className += " loaded"; }, 25);</script>
{% endif %}

<a class="in-page-link visually-hidden skip-link" href="#MainContent">{{ 'general.accessibility.skip_to_content' | t }}</a>

<div id="PageContainer" class="page-container">
<div class="transition-body">

{% section 'header' %}

<main class="main-content" id="MainContent">
{{ content_for_layout }}

{% section 'footer' %}


{% section 'newsletter-popup' %}

{% if settings.cart_type == 'drawer' %}
{% include 'ajax-cart-template' %}
{% endif %}

{% if settings.enable_currencies %}
data-shop-currency="{{ shop.currency }}"
data-default-currency="{{ settings.default_currency | default: shop.currency }}"
data-format="{{ settings.currency_format | default: 'money_with_currency_format' }}"
data-money-format="{{ shop.money_format | strip_html }}"
data-money-currency-format="{{ shop.money_with_currency_format | strip_html }}">
{% endif %}

{% include 'video-modal' %}
{% include 'photoswipe-template' %}

<!-- **BEGIN** Hextom USB Integration // Main Include - DO NOT MODIFY -->
{% render 'hextom_usb_main', product: product, customer: customer %}
<!-- **END** Hextom USB Integration // Main Include - DO NOT MODIFY -->