Linear Gradient background in Express theme

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I would like to add a linear gradient background to the Express theme. I placed the below code in the theme.liquid and I set the background color in theme/settings to transparent to allow the background gradient to appear. It works great and I have a linear gradient background.

However, the collections list creates a sticky banner as you scroll down and the products texts and images bleed through onto the sticky banner. How can I have a linear gradient background without the text/images of the products on the home page appearing through the collections list sticky banner? 

My url is   password is cake

{% if template contains 'index' or template contains 'product' or template contains 'cart' %}

  <style> body{background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #fffbf6, #fef4ed, #feece6, #fee4e2, #fcdce1);}
{% endif %}