Linking product swatch to another product page (brooklyn theme)

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Hi All, 


Here's the problem, for example I have a product - e.g. T-shirt A with total 4 colors, and I created them into 4 product page as I want them to be shown seperately on collection page. 

The titles of each of the product page are: T-shirt A - Lavender, T-shirt A - Pink etc. 

Under "T-shirt A - Lavender" product page, I added 4 others color swatches. What I want to achieve is that, when I click on the Pink color swatch, it will re-direct me to "T-shirt A - Pink" product page directly. 


I have been searching for solutions for so long.. someone please help... 

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You need to link the color swatches to the other product links.

PM if you need help.