Live View is an epic fail

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Please, somebody, change the Live View back to the previous version! This new version fails on every single level. It is visually ugly; terrible to navigate; doesn't fit on one screen; only ever shows one pin which is my own store's location; an that "streamer mode" - what the heck is that nonsense all about?? At least give me the option to revert back to the old version... I can't cope! 

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Agreed - it is HORRIBLE. The design and UI is such a backwards move, and I miss seeing everything in the world in one screen without having to click and drag the globe around. An utter fail for what "someone" thought was a bit of eye candy...and what the heck IS streamer mode?

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Thank god I am not alone. The old saying - why break something that isn't broken?

It is the worst update to a tech platform I've seen for a long time.

Horrible experience on mobile. Crashes the desktop. Too much going on with stats and boxes.

We don't need NASA, just give us back simplicity.

It isn't enough to switch shopping platform, but...


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Yes I agree new live view is horrible and not user friendly at all. I hope they revert back to the old one.

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Agreed.  It's horrific.  An early April fools joke?  Not sure what streamer mode just seems to make the stats blurry and I can't find any help articles out there about WTF it is.  ROLL BACK!!!  Don't get me started on this globe...

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I am basically working blind now as it doesn’t work in the Uk!!! Right before Xmas! I’m trying to cobble the info together by using Google Analytics. 

I’ve never seen such a failed design being rolled out.

it looks rubbish, is low res, is pointless, doesn’t work, has bad UI and UX, falls off the screen... I could go on. 

please revert!!! 

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Agree completely. 

We just need our numbers Shopify. We’re running our business to make a living, not for entertainment. Focus on what businesses need not on being flashy. Substance over style please. 

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Agreed. Its pretty bad and doesnt work.
What is this? Google maps now?

Please give us back the simpler live view.

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Agreed, It's just so ugly and the "pins" never line up with the numbers in the stats. Apparently I have live viewers, but after spinning and turning the globe every which way, there's no tabs except my own.

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It's seems to me that if the previous version was 2.0 then this seems like 1.5 , definitely a reverse in features, look/feel, navigation and usefulness. And streamer mode is a way to make all your stats go all blurry, can't see what possible use for it???  

Sorry it's 2 out of 10 for Shopify on this one