Local Pickup Strange Issue - Not Working Properly

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Hi guys,

My local pickup just does not seem to work.

I have 4 locations inside settings -> locations


Inside shipping & delivery -> local pickup, I have 3 locations offering pickup and 1 that does not offer local pickup




When i go to a product, that has no variants, and i look at the inventory stock:




You can see the first store has stock of 2 available.


Yet when i go into my checkout and choose local pickup, the store does not show up no matter what.


What is even more strange is that if i add "1" available to the last store in the list, This store shows up but only this store. If i add stock to all of the stores, still that only 1 store shows up within local pickup. This does not make sense to me, all the stores/locations are configured the same and i cant understand why this is happening. 

Help would be much appreciated, thank you!

Ps: all of my local pickup stores have the below configured, so there is absolutely no difference between them.