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Hello, my store sells products in my city and I only use local delivery put the problem is for some users it says " your product can't ship to Benguit " and when i repeat the same order with the same details it works with me.
our postal code is 2600 and I included postal code from 2600 to 2615 to ensure covering my entire city. please help me with this.

Store location : Baguio City , Philippines 

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Hey @Eldaw,

Shopify doesn't support non-North American postal/Zip codes. We have a lot of stores from the Philippines using Intuitive Shipping for your exact reason. If you're a new store, you qualify for the 'Starter' plan which is $14.99/mo for 100 orders. 


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@Eldaw  Did you already solve it?

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Yes , i did ,, Thank you so much