Local delivery set up problems

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I am based in the UK.  Very new to Shopify. 

As well as nationwide shipping (£9.99 or free on orders over £400) , I can offer local delivery to 2 postcodes KT* *** and BR* ***.  

Local delivery is £3.99 under £100 order, or free over £100. 

I can set the postcodes in the Local Delivery section,  but not a rule for charging £3.99 if the order is less than £100. 

Seems I have choice to enter either a) Free over £100  OR b) £3.99 per delivery. 


If I choose a)  Free over £100

then if a local customer entering a local KT or BR postcode spends less than £100,  they are only offered nationwide courier at checkout for £9.99. 


In Shipping Settings> General Shipping

I can't seem to set rates for specific KT or BR postcodes - the only area offered is Domestic United Kingdom as whole zone.  


Please help!  I have been trying to solve this for hours and am just going round in circles.  Many thanks.