Location based mapping of buyer to seller

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I am new here and with the best search I could perform, I am not able to locate the feature where shopify can help us place orders by mapping buyers to the sellers based on location vicinity.

Basically, we plan to use 'Multi Vendor Marketplace', as we are planning a buyer seller application. Seller shall be registering there services and buyer shall avail those services. The application, on receiving a service request from a buyer, before confirming the order, is required to map the seller to the buyer based on various criteria like location vicinity, seller confirmation etc.

Request you to guide me if such a feature is available as plugin or if it can be developed using API or can this be requested to shopify or if I am on the wrong platform altogether.

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Hi @PM2020 

We are makers of a Multi Vendor Marketplace app Shipturtle.

I believe with the right time frame, it might be possible to work out how to manage your requirements.

If interested please reach out to sharad@shipturtle.com