Locked Out of Own Store for 3 days due to Shopify deemed suspicious activty and WONT let me in?

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Hi everyone,

Is this normal or am I being scammed here? I had a Shopify store that was compromised. Someone or people managed to break into my shopify store, along with eBay , pay pal, and a long list of other online accounts. Its been a nightmare considering the initial point of contacts I called with tee belief that they were indeed representatives from eBay, Shopify, Chase were not. Not to mention the screen I was looking at on my phone was actually remotely configured and in reality on someone else phone, but I wont get into the details.

Currently, I managed to pay the bill I owed and secured (so i thought) and reopened my account only to find a day later that I was locked out due to suspicious activity. There is no phone number to call and the rep told me that the "account " team was not in adn to wait a day. Then the next day the guy said they were not replying and they would email me. Then now they are asking me for some documentation. Meanwhile my site is live and customers are able to make purchases? I feel like they might just be stringing me along and may be up to something else...who knows, but do you guys think this is normal and what would you do. Mind you i am all paid off and perfectly in the clear so there is non reason to lock me out besides what they have said was due to suspicious behavior which i don't agree is right as I never agreed to allow them to shut my store down without my agreeing to it at least and it should be a good reason. most of all not on the rightful owner?


They failed to keep out the bad guys and now are locking out the owner? Any suggestions would be appreciated...


Thank you for your time your guys,

Anthony N