Looking at moving my business to Shopify--some questions first

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Hello all.

I have a very small online business that I need a reliable sales platform for. I paid a professional developer to create a business site for me earlier this year on the competition's platform (Wix), and I've spent most of the summer learning that it can't do a lot of what I need. So now I need to find a new platform--fast--and I'm hoping to get some answers here before trying to switch.

What I need to do: 

I sell a physical and digital version of a specialized book that I revise yearly, and sell both current and back editions. I need to be able to offer the physical and digital products on their own, as well as a price-reduced combination (i.e. buy a physical book and the PDF and get X% off). Wix cannot support this combo feature. I also need a way for customers to pre-order a new version of my book. This is another thing Wix cannot support. I'm just about to release my 2021 publication, and I need to get pre-ordering implemented ASAP.

MY QUESTION: Will Shopify support these features that Wix cannot? If yes, is it native or do I have to purchase an add-in program to do so?

If Shopify can in fact do what I need, then I need to migrate the contents of my Wix site over to Shopify, and frankly do this in the next 3 days. I am prepared to pay a developer if this isn't just something an old non-computer-savvy person can do easily. Copy contents, test, set up the shopping cart, etc, and move the DNS pointers.

Does Shopify offer phone or email technical support? I cannot find a way to contact them thus far. If I'd have known that Wix didn't support pre-ordering months ago I would have left them back then, but this didn't hit my radar until this afternoon, when I was getting my ad materials ready for press. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please and thanks.



I'll try to summarize your questions and give some feedback and ideas

  • With Shopify you can sell physical products, digital products or services
  • For digital products you can just disable the shipping options for those products
  • You can provide download link for digital products manually (sending via email a private link or an attachment) or using a Shopify App
  • Shopify doesn't support products combination and discounts combination natively, you need to use a Shopify app for that
  • Alternatively you can create products combo as single product or products variants and price them accordingly. Eg.
    • 1st variant: only physical 
    • 2nd variant: only digital
    • 3rd variant: physical + digital
  • Shopify offers support via email and live chat 24/7 on all plans (phone from Basic and greater). 
  • You can find additional support in this community
  • There is a large number of professional that can help you at different levels (design, development, store management, optimization and more)
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Hi @NYCTrackbook,

Here is my experience with Shopify. Hope that it can help you.

  • Shopify allows you to sell both physical & digital products (downloadable, just need to attach link to your digital products).
  • As far as I know, you can't combine your products and discounts the way you want in Shopify. However, Shopify allows you to apply discount codes to specific variants of a product, so instead, you can create product's variants and price them accordingly.
  • And yes, Shopify also allows your customers to pre-order your products. You just need to change the setting in Shopify Admin page.
  • Shopify offers support via email, live chat, and they do have a Help Center website to answer all of the FAQs.
  • To ensure your data won't be lost or face any errors, you should ask shopping cart migration experts to handle the job for you. I'd recommend LitExtension automated migration tool for you if your budget is tight since their service's price is more reasonable among the two most highly-rated services in the market. But if you don't have time and your budget is a bit looser, I highly recommend you opt for their All-in-One service. It's much convenient since they will take care of everything for you. I've used both of their services for several times and always happy with the ending results.


Can't wait till your 2021 publication. Wish your business is always successful and prosperous!

Have a nice day!