Looking for a Shopify Alternative with GOOD blogging

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I have grown seriously disenchanted with Shopify's blogging capabilities.

The store itself is fantastic. Easy to set up and maintain, looks great, and lots of eCommerce options I need.

But the blogging? Just about useless, imho. And without a good blog, how can I build traffic for my store????

Here is my litany of grievances:

  • No email notifications when people leave comments--or even high-level site notifications.
    Really? How I am supposed to interact with users? It's not like I live at the blog page--and
    you don't even know that comments exist unless you are at that specific page.

  • Featured image is not picked up when shared on social media.
    Really? In what useful way are you supposed to share posts, in order to generate traffic?
    The title & excerpt appear. But where the post image should be, the site logo appears.

  • No way to delete an uploaded image, get it's URL, or even view the image catalog.
    You can view the catalog only by creating a post and editing it. But you can't delete an image.
    (It would also be nice to get an image URL without having to insert it into a post and viewing
     the post, but that's really minor.)

The ability to view the image catalog and maintain it is a nicety, I admit. But the ability to share them
on social media and the ability to interact with users are critical. Without them, my chances of driving
traffic to my site are minimal, at best. So I am in the market for a good alternative. (Wix is looking
decent, at this stage. Looking into it now.)

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This is an accepted solution.

Have you have thought about Wix. It is a good Shopify alternative especially for blogging because Wix is a drag and drop website creator that allows you easily create your site without technical skills. Besides, there are more than 700 free appealing templates are available for you to choose from on Wix. Those eye-catching templates cover different aspects and are easily modified for selling purposes.

If you need more deeper information, here is a very detailed comparision Wix vs Shopify or other Shopify alternatives.

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This is an accepted solution.

Although I accepted Wix as a solution, at forst, I don't think it really is--for me, at least.
For one thing, I haven't confirmed that it will let me know when a reader leaves a comment.

And despite its features, Wix blogging has a major a drawback.
From the Wix vs Shopify page

Wix lets you build gorgeous blogs with ease. 
The only hindrance (it has is) archive functionality, which saves old posts for users to read.

That's a deal killer, for me. Yes, there are News posts that can age out. 
But there are also "informative article" posts that should linger on.

As the site goes on to say:

If you really want (an archive) function, you’re better off with a blogging-specific tool like WordPress.

That's what I have at the moment. It ain't pretty, 'cuz it isn't nicely integrated,
but it works.

And using the free hosted-Wordpress solution, people can sign up for notifications
when I post something new. That's a nice plus.

There are many good things about Wix. It may well be the best solution for many.
But for me, I'll keep praying that Shopify and Wordpress get together in some seamless way!