Looking for a Theme that has visual sub-categories, not drop-downs or menus - Help?

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Hello.  We've been using Shopify for about a year now.  When we started, we went basic, and while our website works, we are ready to make it more friendly and less cluttered.  To us, this means having only four or five main categories, and when you click on a category, it brings you to a page that has the sub-categories  VISUALLY (i.e., pictures).  I don't want a drop-down select menu; these are terrible for mobile users, and many of our browsers are mobile users.  I want a true sub-category layout.  The sample below is NOT MY PAGE but shows what I'm looking for.  The main category was "Gifts and Stuff" and when you clicked on it, you got this layout - four sub-categories in picture form.  You then click on the sub-category to get to the products in that category.  In our case, the main category might be "For the Kitchen" and the sub-categories are bowl cozies, hot pads, hand-woven cotton dishtowels, jar cozies. 

I've dug through themes for hours, but I am confused by the language, and many times the sample layouts don't tell me enough to know whether that theme would work for us.  I would welcome any help or suggestions or advice that anyone has! Since our site is live, when we make the transition, we want it to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, which means we don't want to try a bunch of different themes until we get the right one!