Looking for an App regarding an Inventory "Bundle"

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Hello Shopifyers. 

I have a problem regarding finding a solution to my unit bundles. I don't know if bundle is the right word to use, but here is my scenario;

I sell perfume in decants (2 & 10 ml atm). For an example;

Perfume - Sunshine 100 ML
I can sell;
10 x 10 ML
50 x 2 ML

I want it to be a unit with 100 as index. In this case i can sell 8 x 10 ml, 10 x 2 ml = 100 ml
5 x 10ml, 25 x 2ml

ect. ect. ect.

Right now I do i manually. Everytime i sell 5 x 2ml's i delete one 10 ml, and create 5 new 2ml's. This is very difficult to have a great overview on. I have 120 different perfumes on my site. 

Any suggestions?  

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Hey @JonasJostine you can do this with Trunk, check out the packs example in this article: https://go.trunkinventory.com/helpbundles

Trunk doesn't support units yet so you'll need to convert them to multipliers in the meantime. Hope that helps!

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