Looking for an App/solution for weight-based products

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I am looking for an App/solution for weight-based products.

Such as any Butcher, Fishmonger, or a Deli, where the customer can choose the product and its price, but the actual billing is based on cost per kilo (e.g. Sirloin steak is $10/Kg).


Here is the scenario:

  1. A customer buys 1 product with the value of $50 (eg: a piece of 5 kg Steak) and completes his purchase. The customer gets an order confirmation but not yet getting charged on their card.
  2. The shop admin weighs the actual product on a weighing scale (eg: the piece's actual weight is 4.8 kg).
  3. The shop admin updates the actual weight on the Order page and only then confirms the order with the final price.
  4. Then the customer gets charged.


Currently, the Shopify product page contains product price and units (number of unit/s to purchase), while I'm looking to add the following options per each product:

- Adding the price per kg, for each product (eg: $10 / Kg)

- Adding the weight for each product (ex: Hanger steak 5 kg)

- After an order has been placed, the admin is enabled to edit the actual weight for each product in the order and only then approve the order with the final weight, while the total pricing will be calculated automatically, based on the price per kg.


I would expect to see that each product has:

- Product price (on the product page)

- Unit to choose (on the product page)

- Price per kg (in the Shopify system)

- Product weight (in the Shopify system)

- Total product price = "Price per kg" X "Unit to choose" that later will be edited by the admin to the "Actual weight."

- After the user does a checkout, to have the ability to update the final weight (kg) on the Order Page, and only then to approve the order with the final amount to be charged.

FYI, I am using token J5 for the billing. That means the order's billing is delayed until the admin approves the order with its actual/final billing.

I would appreciate getting a suggestion on the best App to use for this problem and challenge that I’m facing. 

Thank you

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Hi Hen1,

Maybe you are looking for an app like this.

Note I have not used this app but maybe you can give it a try to see if it meets your needs.

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Thank you. I'm checking it already. It's the only App that might be relevant to this challenge, which is very weird as I would expect to have more relevant Apps.

I could see already that they can cover part of the functionalities, but not all of them.