Looking for the right plugins for custom store setup

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Hello guys,

Just seeking some information from anyone with a bit of knowledge. I am looking to setup a business on shopify but need to know if there are quality supports addons or plugins that can achieve what we need in the shopify environment.

We operate out of Australia, so need Australia post calculations to work within the store. The store will be selling custom items for example the customer visits our shop and is run through a design wizard so to speak and at it's core the customer needs to be able to select a product (for example T-shirt, mug, skateboard whatever it might be) then an image of the object comes up and the customer can select from a library of textures/images/text or upload their own texture/image and then drag it around the item to get an idea of what the delivered product would look like. We would also like like the ability to input into the system different types of shaped products so tea cups, mugs to apply the art too. Then proceed to make an order, place the order, generate a shipping cost, then generate an order emailed to both the customer and the system needs to generate an order confirmation which can be sent to our email address. Ideally a field or option where the customer can opt to post their own item into be customised would be fantastic as well. To then input into our job ticket management system where we process the order make it then ship the order. Go back into shopify and mark the order as shipped is roughly what we need to make it work.

Should also be noted whatever plugins suggested need to theme with the website the same overall. I'm not sure it's possible but is shopify able to do the entire process from start to finish, like integrate with Xero, are there any ticket management systems for shopify that could be adapted to this model without using a seperate ticket management and accounting systems? Has anybody achieved such a thing in the shopify ecosystem?

Sorry for my ignorance but I just don't know the words to search for in the plugins section for something that does this?

Any recommendations and examples of sites that use this already would be appreciated to point me in the the right direction.