Lots of traffic but not a single sale. Why?

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Hi all. So I just launched my site 4 days ago, and we are having lots of traffic ( almost 4k visitors) but not a single sale (besides one that I personally bought to test the checkout). I have a facebook page, Instagram account, both of which are growing, a blog post, about us, contact us page, and I can't seem to find out what it is. Can anyone tell me what might be the cause that not a single person has bought something. Is it my pricing? My page layout? The functionality of my site? My URL is wearelegacy.co. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Is your traffic targeted? If thats not the problem then you can do plenty of things to increase conversion rate. Limited time deals, better product descriptions, better photos, trust badge checkouts. There's plenty of things.

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Do you have Google Analytics installed in your website? 4 days with 4k visitors in too good to be true IMO. If you can check where the traffic are comng it will be more helpful for you. Huge traffic is useless if this isn't real.

If I am a regular customer, here are some of the quick things I have noticed:

1. Product Description for each product

2. Grow twitter and FB organically. Don't buy followers. Are the followers in IG real? They seem to be too many likes yet there is no single comment that shows interest.

3. To become more convicing, you may get a model to show how the actual product would look like if it is being worn.

Hope these helps!

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According to mine suggestion, you should follow some guidelines:

1.       Use attractive description for your products.

2.       Use attractive Images for your products.

3.       Start Social Media Marketing.


I hope this all will helps you.

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Hi Warren,

My first impression of your website is the logo. It's fantastic. I think your site has a lot of great features already. One thing I recommend though, is that on your catalog pages, make all product images in the same size to align all images better. It would look more organized. Having a large traffic is great but the quality of the traffic is equally important. Are you doing paid advertising? Paid advertising would bring you more targeted visitors and a better quality of traffic. Facebook Blueprint has free courses you can take to learn about Facebook ad. If you are not ready for paid ad yet, promoting your Facebook Page for free will still help you build brand awareness. HERE are also a few apps that would help increase sales. Hope this helps and good luck with your store!