Low Sales? What gives?

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Could someone take a look at my website and share any feedback? I am a month in with little sales (mostly family and friends) and I am looking to grow. I am doing FB ads and tons of Instagram posts. I am doing my first live FB event this week but is something going on with my website that I am not catching?



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Hi @sunsatboutique ,

Your store looks nice visually, the products look good, it doesn't look unprofessional or drop-shippey, the page-speed is pretty good.

I suspect you just aren't driving enough traffic to the store. Are you running ads? content-marketing? or really pushing organic social?
If I was you I would now focus 90% of my efforts on purely trying to drive traffic to your store. And when you find a marketing channel that shows some promise, double-down on it.

I would also maybe try and express a bit more of your brand's personality and point of difference through your store's messaging (I don't think this is the main issue though).

Good luck!



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Congratulations on starting your store, it's evident quite a lot of work went in to it! There are just a few things I can recommend for now: 

-1) Get a much better resolution logo, even on desktop, the word Boutique in the logo is rather hard to read. 

-2) Make all photos link to the product: some photos or product descriptions currently do not have active links that take the viewer to the product page. 

-3) Get your IG to open in another tab (you do not want people leaving your site so easily).

-4) Design and implement a visually powerful favicon. 

Congratulations again and I hope this helps somehow.