Low conversion rate (0.29%) any advice would be appreciated before I launch facebook ads campaign

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As the title mentions above I have a really low conversion rate and would like to know if there's anything about my website that I could change to raise it before I start working with Facebook ads campaigns. 

My website is Shingaclothing.com  


All my traffic currently comes from instagram so it's a possibility that I just have an audience that likes to window shop, however I would still like to optimize my store for the highest chance of success.


Any help or insight is really appreciated!

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Hi @Dakkuu,

Your store is really nice and minimalistic, with oversized typography and elements that match your products' style really well. 

A couple of things I'd look out for:

1) Try using a Geolocation app, so that you can recommend the most relevant currency for your customers. The website loaded with prices in GBP, even though I'm not based in the UK. That could throw some people off. 

2) Free Worldwide shipping is a big deal. Try adding that to your announcement bar as well. 

3) While we're on the subject of the announcement bar, enable it on all pages. Don't assume people land on your homepage (the vast majority will not once you start running product specific ads). 

4) This popup is a pretty serious offender:

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 23.38.37.png

I imagine you're using an app for that, but adding items to the cart shouldn't be tied to an email. I doubt you're getting many conversions from this method and it works more as a deterrent, if anything.  


There are definitely other areas where you can make small incremental improvements, but you'll know more once you get some serious traffic from ads coming in. Regarding your current traffic source, you are correct to assume that you want get as many conversions from Instagram users who visit directly. People on Instagram usually take more than a single visit to convert, so it's consistent with the behaviour you're noticing. You can try creating remarketing ads for traffic and people who add products to their cart, to get them to revisit your store—which would help in this situation. Also, once you start bringing in traffic from more defined audiences (that match your brand's characteristics and interests), you'll have a better understanding on where you need to improve. 

Best of luck! 

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I would advise you to understand the Facebook dashboard at very first and you should know what all you can do with Facebook dashboard. 

After you have understood what Facebook dashboard is then you should work on understanding your audience. 

Running Facebook ads is a process but how you are going to integrate your audience is important, understand your audience and know where you can target. Once you understand the audience then understand how much budget you can set for this audience.

This measurement will come with experience but at first you can try some tests and then you can understand the right audience and run the ads.