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Your webiste looks great. In my store I sell fashion bathtub, and as your products, they are expensive, and the clients needs time to take a decision. Clients might come back few times to your website before taking any further step. So you need to be patient. 

The only thing I would improve is to comunicate more on security, quality, certifications etc... If I would be a dad, i would buy the most secure product for my kids.

Did you hire some expert for your Google adwords campaign? With some good knowledge you can totally change the performance of a campaign... For example, in my case, if i comunicate on "bathtub" i will have 1000s of visitors who wants a "normal" bathtub, but i just want the 1% who want a fashion bathub. So my campaign wouldn't be eficient.

I like the organization of your webiste, what template did you use?

You can visit my website: www.entornobano.com 

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In that case I would also launch my own private label alongwith other brands you are selling. Its lot of work in start but you will have better margins and freedom to sell products the way you want. Plus you can sell on eBay and Amazon. I think for any startup these two marketplaces are key to test products. 


Great site - and lots of fab suggestions for you to follow up on here!  

As far as the ppc goes, I have a few comments/suggestions:

1)  As others have already said, high value products like yours will have a longer buying cycle.  This makes it doubly important for you to be running a remarketing campaign targeting those people that visited but didn't buy.  Preferably dynamic remarketing too. You can also specificaly target those who added something to their cart but didn't checkout.  I notice you have the remarketing code on this site so I hope you're doing this already :-)  

2) You mention Search and Shopping - shopping will usually give you a much lower cost per conversion but search is still worth persuing.  Make sure you're checking your search terms daily for any negatives you might need to add - you waste a ton of money on unrelated terms if you're not careful.

3) Are you using the right match types for your keywords?  Never never never use straight broad match (ie just putting the search terms in as they are) without the +' modifier.  Better still, on a limited budget stick to exact match to start with.

4)  Someone mentioned device modifiers - yes, definitely check your data to see if your conversions are better on mobile, desktop or tablet (you can adjust for all three separately now yay!),  The same goes for geographic locations - I suspect you'll do better with this kind of thing depending on climate and population demographic.....

5) Back to shopping....  make sure you're categorised your campaign in a logical way.  This is usually by brand/product type, something that makes it easy for you to adjust bids.  Using custom labels lets you split products by price ranges - you'll be happy to bid more on a product that sells for $2k than you will for one that sells for $200....  Don't be afraid to bid at the product level too if that makes sense.

6)  Make sure your product names and descriptions are useful and contain your search terms (great for SEO too, but make sure they're unique) - Google looks at these to decide whether to show your ad.  It's surprising how often a product name doesn't actually say what it is!!   If you don't want to end up with stupidly long product names (like you get on Amazon ha!) you can use a feed management platform to edit them just for the Merchant Centre ;-)

I hope this helps - don't give up too soon with AdWords.  Yes it does take time to get right but it can also be a great source of high quality traffic when it's working well.  Happy to answer any questions if you have any - just let me know :)

Good luck!


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The sitemap is generated automatically by Shopify, create an Webmaster account with Google, they have loads of resources and guides to help you with that. Without a sitemap you are basically invisible to the search engines

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Hi Trevor

Can you please share your site and your SEO firm who did the work?  I'm interested in hiring them!


Brian Dale 


briandale at runrunrun.com

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Hi Nolan

A lot of good advice about SEO and PPC. I'm more a designer/UI person, so here are my 5 cents on some details:

- Special price in another color (bright red?). And bigger!
- Move the department title (like Play set) outside the image (easier to read when a lazy visitor scans the page)
- No more then 2 (okay, maybe 3) images in the slider
- Shorter lines and bigger fonts in the blog extracts in the bottom (I would aim for at least 16px for p tag overall). And break it up in more paragraphs

I find the type face i little hard to read (but that's me), especially in the menu where it's all caps.

Best regards,

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Honestly, your site is ugly. Font is all over the place. Images are poorly shot. The aspect ratio of your paypal logo at the bottom is off. So many little things you've overlooked. I wouldn't trust your site or the products you sell if these little things are missed. As a consumer I assume if the attention to detail isn't there in your site than the attention to detail isn't there in your products and therefore I wouldn't have my kids playing in something I ordered online that I didn't trust. So build trust first. 

Having said that I have seen ugly sites do well but they've really nailed the marketing. I would suggest to spend $1000 a month for 3-6 months and keep experimenting with new ad copy/images/demographic. You'll probably lose a lot of money at first but should eventually break even granted you keep at it.

For some context I've spent over $100k on fb ads. So I definitely know it works. You just have to pay a beginner's tax. 

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Email me and I will send you the details, I dont want to hijack this post with advertising business for some one

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Hi Nolan,

Congratulations on your new store. It is very nice and photos look joyful. I checked your website on my iPhone 6 plus and on MacBook Air and I cannot see anything decisively wrong with your site short of me not checking what price other sellers offer for the same products, what is the popularity of products you sell or how many sellers of them are being out there. Number one reason why people bounce (leave the first page they see) off the site they just landed on through PPC is that it does not match what they expected to see from reading the ad. Home page is in some cases a poor choice for the landing page because it is too general and by design it fits many interests while ad copies are often written to grab buyers attention with something specific and more narrow. 

There are a lot of content sections on your home page so visitors may be leaving for different reasons. Loading time on my network was acceptable and therefore not a reason for me to bounce. It would help to know if visitors leave after seeing the page as it is first loaded or do they scroll down the page and leave after seeing one of the sections. Your store was clearly designed for the desktop and on mobile visitors see what comes out of a responsive template by default. If problem is in design or content of the page itself, I would break the mobile home page into different pages and use Google Analytics to see on which page visitors leave. A/B testing is also a good method to sort out simple and complex user experience problems. Generally, I would say that mobile version of the store should show something actionable right away even more so than the desktop version because mobile users expect an app-like experience.

From design perspective, I would show visitors something actionable right away on mobile, desktop and tablet instead of the picture, but in your case sending them to a separate landing page that closely matches the ad might turn out to be the best action. And just to be thorough, did you engage a professional graphic designer? Sometimes they see things most people don't but they have an effect on us shoppers anyway.

Hope any of it works, and if you can, let us know later what has.

-- Sven

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There may be a comparison app that you can use but I'm not sure. If it was me I'd hire it out to a developer and then get a designer to make it look good. From the sounds of it this is a new project for you though so your investment dollars may be limited. Prob a better investment to get the marketing dialed first.