Low customer interaction on landing page

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Hi, here's the deal, I installed the app "Lucky Orange" on my shopify store to see the recordings of people's interaction with my website, but I don't understand the data that I am seeing.

For example, on day 1 of my facebook ad campaign:

                       20% of traffic with 0 time spent on the website

                       67% of traffic pratically stayed "idle" on the landing page (none or very little interaction), with a medium time spent of around 10 seconds

                      13% only actually interacted significantly on the landing page (behaving like real potential customers)

I just mentioned one day of a specific campaign, but it is representative of what I am seeing on other days / other campaigns too.

So the question is, why do the 20% and 67% groups act like my website is "broken", is "too slow", and "doesn't function properly" because they leave even before actually cheking the page properly? Especially when I know for a fact that it actually runs smoothly and everything works? It's not like these people land on the page and get turned off by something specifically that they see (remember, I can see all the recordings). What's the deal?

I will send the link of one of my product pages as an example.   https://bit.ly/2ZTZ3iC