Low traffic and no sales

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My website: https://myinstantmakeup.com/

I've run a few ads through influencer marketing on 5 instagram makeup pages, but I'm getting very low traffic. The ad video for the product is well done (I bought it on Fiverr) so I don't think it is the problem. Maybe people are not interested in my product and I should try with another product? Does it make sense to run other ads or is it just a waste of money? Any suggestion? Thank you.


Hi - Maybe the problem is with "I run an ad via influencers" - influencers don't do "ads" - they just write something awesome, that bring a dialog about what you do, that brings sales.  It's not an ad.

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084SP1R7G)