MFG Product Import Headache

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I've received a big product list from a manufacturer to import into my shopify. I read the documentation for importing, matched it up appropriate headings with the shopify import template and successful imported it...However the following issues have occurred... 


  • SKU's and Prices do not import the correct information - i.e. the SKUs are dates and formatting changes for pricing which throws everything off. 
  • It's Not formatted for multiple product images, and their PDF manuals. 
  • The amount of products -- there are 10,000 so has to be imported into two parts.   
  • Some titles / descriptions include special characters so once they're removed the descriptions and titles are no longer accurate. 

Original Product Doc:

What would it take to get this thing properly imported with the multiple images, pdfs and the proper SKU's, pricing? Lemme know! This has been a headache for sure!