Made 4 sales after 800$ + of marketing

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Please help me in what i am doing wrong, i have followed everyones advice on my layout all the way to the blog (which i removed )... i started with 400 items in my store which i greatly trimmed down and niched more into a fashion/Clothing type store with watches and sunglasses ( i checked each items sales on alixpress and see the trend graph) and # of orders

i started spending around 200$-300$ With meme pages and influencer trying to reach a market... i got a lot of traffic alot of cart play etc and no sales... finally started fbb marketing and dumping like 200-300$ a day (100$ and advertising like 2-3 diff items, a watch, sunglass and hair wig ) and eventually i made one sale... one freaking sale.. so i started adding more items to my store .. mens shoes, adding more into marketing finally i made 2-3 additional sales but im wayyy far off breaking even... i figured it might be my ads right ?


so i took them all down and scaled them to the lowest budget and entered a “testing phase” to see which creative is better then hopefully scale on that however i feel like the market i chose sucks possibly ? And no sale since (been one full day)  


now im feeling unmotivated on my own store because... whats the point of testing if i strugle to get one sale or even break even ? I have ad sets for a lash kit, shoes, watch and sunglasses  ...looking to scrap my store and just go for a one item store that possibly sells and do the testing fb and scale there with maybe a galaxy lamp or pet bottle water or neck massager idk