Mailchimp Pop-up Not Working on My Shopify Website

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Hi there,

I’m having an issue with my pop-up that I created with Mailchimp. It’s not showing up on my website at all, even when I set it to show immediately. 

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • My shop on Shopify is connected to Mailchimp.
  • I’ve installed the Mailchimp app on Shopify.
  • In Shopify’s Mailchimp app, I clicked on Pop-up Form Create in Mailchimp. This is where I created the pop-up.
  • After creating the form, I saved and published it. It’s now live. 
  • I’ve also created a Popup Thank You campaign and automated workflow where users will receive an email as soon as they’ve signed up to the mailing list via the pop-up.

The problem is, I’m not seeing the pop-up at all. I’ve tried using another browser and also going incognito to no avail. Am I supposed to insert the pop-up code manually to Shopify? Or is the pop-up supposed to automatically show on my website after I’ve created the pop-up form via the Mailchimp app on Shopify? 

Please help. I’m tearing my hair out over this as it’s very frustrating. :(

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Hi Christine,

You completed the right steps to automatically show pop-up on your website.
Do you check pop-up in the main theme?

Best regards,

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If I enable the theme popup it uses that one. I want to use my MailChimp popup so subscribers go to that mail list. (I too have done all the above steps)