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Hi, everyone!

I've been experiencing problems with the Collection Lists shown on my homepage. All my images are on a 1:1 ratio but they appear vertical, something like 1:2. Thus, they look very odd because they have white backgroung and it just appears to be a huge space between them. Is there a way to fix the appearance to 1:1?


Captura de pantalla 2020-10-01 a la(s) 11.16.01.pngScreenshot_2020-10-01-11-16-28-590_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg


This  also happens with the product images on mobile, where there's a huge space below the main image and the thumbnails.



If anyone has any input, I'll be forever grateful!

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 I would recommend you to crop the images manually and square it with app. Because if the spaces are in different size then it could happen that you crop a part of the image if you use an app for it.

Good luck