Maker Theme - How can I fix homepage scrolling nightmare problem?

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I'm using the Maker theme for - there is no custom code added to it at all but the homepage scroll is completely haywire. When it first loads on mobile you can't scroll down unless you touch it lower on the screen or with a heavier finger. It's also getting stuck on desktop. Two separate scroll bars are showing up on the right. One long and one short. When it does't scroll the longer scroll bar appears. PLEASE HELP. 


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We had a similar issue with one of our customers. The issue is that the main div (the section between header & footer) is scrollable. The website as a whole is also scrollable (the body).

So in layman's terms when you scroll, in a way browser gets confused about whether to scroll the whole website or just the main div only. That caused the issue so what I did is I removed the scroll in the y-axis from the main div by adding the following CSS script to your theme.liquid  file. This will fix that bug



<!-- START :added to fix scroll bug -->
#main-content {
overflow-y: hidden !important;
<!-- End :added to fix scroll bug -->