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My website is: I feel as though my site shows everything it needs to, immediate showcased products, easy navigation, e-mail landing page etc. I know its still early, but doesn't anyone have experience with how long it takes to make their first sale? I have 1133 sessions but still have't gotten my first sale. Do anyone have tips for me?

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Hey @Ivlam 

Welcome to the Shopify family! I hope you’re thriving.

Your store looks pretty great on the first look, good job! There are a few gaps in your website experience. It is the only experience users have with your company, and you have to make it professional enough to earn their trust. Here are my observations:

  1. You said your site shows everything it needs to, The first fold, as soon as I land feels like it’s a website just for this one product. Even for this product, there are no further details, I have to click the “full details” button to get all the details.
  2. Consider updating some copy+images in the first fold. Be clear about someone should buy from your site, what’s unique about you.
  3. Favicon, it- is the small logo that shows up in your browser tab beside the name of your store. Add it. Also, I’d suggest ad the meta title and description for your home page and all others. (This is for SEO).
  4. Add an “About Us” page. When a new user lands on your website, they will be looking for signs of trustworthiness. A good, personal about us page makes your brand stand out and connect with users. 
  5. I noticed you’ve added a video on Facebook. Have you considered adding something similar to your website? It will give users an idea of how it looks and sounds. Much better than a picture.


That being said - not all traffic is equal. So there can be a few reasons for no conversions (a) You’re sending the wrong people to your website. OR (b) There are issues with your website experience.

How are you sending traffic to your website? What platforms, and what kind of targeting are you using? I think you should do an audit of that data.

It has to be either the quality of traffic or the quality of your website experience which is the bottleneck. Figure out which it is and make changes accordingly - and I think you’ll be on your way to more conversions!

I hope this helps with more sales in your store. Cheers.

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