Making sure customers complete survey before they checkout

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone could help me figure out how to do this for my client. I am creating a website for my client that is essential a subscription beauty box that requires customers to complete a skin therapy survey before my client can identify the right products for their skin. Does anyone know how to do this/require them to complete the survey before checking out?  Their product choice is 1. to choose a one-time box or 2. to choose an annual membership, but everything in the box WE choose for them based on the survey so I need to create some sort of barrier that prevents them from checkout until survey is completed.  

I have created the survey using the quizly app  that is linked to the site as well as all the custom buttons i have created to access the survey. I wanted to know if there was any custom code i needed to add to my DEBUG theme to reroute customers to the survey if they try to checkout before completing said survey..

thank you in advance for your help