Manage inventory across online & POS, with multiple POS (and travelling inventory) "on the road" at events

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We use Shopify for online sales and Shopify POS for our single storefront location.  Thus far, we have been able to manage our inventory with out any problem because online orders are shipped out of the storefront location.

A significant source of our revenue comes from selling our product at events across the country.  For example, this weekend, we have teams speaking and selling at 7 different events.  Each team has inventory with them that they sell.  Up to this point, we have used a different POS system (NCR Silver) for our on-the-road sales events.  By virtue of that fact, online/storefront inventory was totally separate from on-the-road inventory-- sales were processed through different POS systems.

However, we are now moving to Shopify POS for ALL sales transactions.  How do we manage our inventory now that it is all being sold through the same system?  An example of the problem is:

say we carry a particular t-shirt and we have a total of 10 in stock.  5 are on the road at this moment; meanwhile 4 customers in our storefront want to buy 1 shirt each; 4 online customers ordered the shirt as well.  Since we have 5 shirts in the building, the 4 people in the store can get their shirts, but we are short 3 shirts for the online customers. 

How do I manage inventory that is not physically in the building, and thus cannot be used to fulfill online or walk-in purchases?

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You need an inventory management app like stitchlabs or tradegecko


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not sure Stitchlabs or tradegecko communicate back to Shopify POS to say certain inventory of a single product is not sold but also not available for in-store sales.  Shopify does not give flexibility for silo'd inventory of single products.  You may need to change name of product on the road as it were and only make it visible to POS. It will stop online sales of product unavailable and you will need to rely on in store slaes people to not sell something they cannot physically hand over the customer as the on-the-road inventory will show up withn the instore POS.

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Hey Melissa,

Veeqo does precisely what you are looking for.

You can use Veeqo to manage your inventory in store and on the road.

You get 14 days free trial so have a look, see what you think.


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