Manage seasonal products

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I am setting up a new clothing store and would need help understanding how to manage seasonal products.
I have entered more than 4000 products / variants by adding the tag "Spring summer" for products available only for the spring / summer season, Fall winter for products available only for the autumn / winter season and Four season for products for any season.

I would like to understand how to go out of stock or hide products that are not part of the upcoming season. For example, in April the Fall winter products should disappear and the Spring summer ones appear (the Four season products remain unchanged as they are available in all seasons) while in September the Spring summer products should disappear and the Fall winter ones appear. Importantly, the quantities of the products must not be lost during the transition from one season to another.

Does Shopify have this management? If not, is there an APP or other way to manage everything?

I hope I was exhaustive in the request.
I await your suggestions.

Thank you.