Managing Consignment and Wholesale Inventory

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Hello!  I am wondering if anyone has solved my problem of managing consignment and wholesale inventory.  We currently use Stitch inventory management, however, that system does not allow you to run reports of current inventory status by designer.  You can only run reports on sales, not what you have in stock by designer, or you can download ALL inventory in one massive CSV. 

The CSV I can get includes a column containing "Product Name (Color, Size, Designer)" all in one cell.  We have over 40 designers and I need a way to separate our consignment and wholesale accounts. Because of the way the the file exports, with the product information and designer all in the same cell, I don't know how to filter the data in a way that is helpful, without having to go through the file row by row and delete the consignment product rows. 

Has anyone else run into this?  Any creative ideas on how to solve the problem, or experience with an inventory system that can run inventory reports by designer? 

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Hey Moorea,
I know its been a few years since you originally made this post but just wanted to ask if you were able to find any sort of solution to that problem?
I also had a similar problem with trying to get my consignment software to work with Shopify and still having all the powerful reports that the consignment software provides. 
However I couldn't find anything... so I needed up building it. It is called Frontflip. The goal was to build a new and modern consignment software that allows business to decrease cost with tools that saves them time, and increase revenue by making it easier to connect to more sales channels (like Shopify).
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