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I have a store with which uses lots of images on blog posts and pages. If I'm writing a new blog post and I want to add an image which I uploaded to a blog post a long while ago, I find I have to page through many pages on the insert image selector to find the image I want.

I guess I could find the URL and use that, but it's not a great solution and also that doesn't work on things like adding a new image to a slideshow.

Is there a better way to find and choose images?


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If the image is on your site, you can usually get the URL pretty quick by right clicking and select "Copy image address", then in html mode in your blog post just pop that in an image element, for example:


<img src="paste-image-address-here" alt="descriptive text for SEO">

You could also store your images in a local folder or links in a spreadsheet if you know you're going to be use them often.

I like to use Dropbox for sharing images, then sync locally so you can view the files instantly.

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Sure, thanks, I understand about the url pasting, but what about when
you've not got a html option, like on an image chooser on a slideshow or
similar? All I can see to do here is click the Load More button many times
until you find the image you want.

What do you suggest?