Managing Multiple Stores + New Facebook Channel Permissions?

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Hi friends!

I ran into an issue with transferring a client from the old Facebook Shop channel to the new Facebook channel. I'm concerned about what this means for my other clients & wanted to ask about best practices.

Here's the issue: the new Facebook channel requires the owner of the Facebook page to set up the shop. This means that even though I'm admin on both the page itself and on the page's Business Manager, I'm unable to set up & manage the new Facebook integration.

As I understand it, this leaves me with two options:

  1. Ask the client to transfer page ownership to me (which I don't love), or
  2. Walk the client thru setting up the Facebook integration themself

Neither of these options seem ideal! Especially when I serve several clients who will need to make this transition.

Am I missing something, or did the new Facebook channel just get a lot harder for 3rd party agencies like myself to set up & manage? What are you doing to handle this with your clients?

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Yes I just emerged (not fully) from the most inefficient, messy obstacle course dealing with linking the new fb channel. This was the absolute worst and forcing the Business Manager fb thing is ridiculous & a joke to efficient work flow. 

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I would love to pay one of you to help set up with the new Facebook channel. We have been trying for a week and it’s been an absolute headache and VERY frustrating