Managing Multiple Suppliers

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Hello All,

i am in the infancy stages of creating my e-commerce store for women's apparel and have a couple concerns/questions regarding drop shipping:

Creating a brand and smooth customer experience is very important to me (as I'm sure most of us) and I am not too thrilled that my customers will receive packages from different suppliers from one order. 

This may be an ignorant question that completely defeats the whole purpose of drop shipping - but could I have it set up to where the products are mailed to me? If so, that would allow me to consolidate the products into one of my own custom packages and include marketing material.

Any advice on navigating this issue is appreciated! 

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Hi Meli,

We are drop shipping team, have provided drop shipping for 3 years.

Maybe we can work together, send the prodcuts to your customers at one package, also to save the shiping cost. Pls contact me at if interested.




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   Have you ever come across Yaali Inventory Management Software , maybe you check in, We offer it for free. With yaali inventory management software you will be able to receive reports to your mail regarding the suppliers product purchase and product sold level , so you can level up product purchase from a certain supplier, these all come with Order and Inventory management Software where you can manage orders from multichannel and manage inventory across multiple warehouse. All in one software.Check in you won't regret

Thank you

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Thanks and Best Regards, Abdul
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Hello Meli,

Many uses OVERSEA dropshipper to send the product to US.  Most customers started see the trend and want shippers from US.  In case of any issues, it's best that you work with US Wholesalers.  
Oversea has it's perks but dealing with US Wholesalers will decrease the headaches and the SHIPPING TIME.

Also, YOU CAN RMA (return the goods for exchange if there are issues)

If you're selling Women's Apparel, 
try or

We are a US Company/Shipper located in Los Angeles California.  Our is price will match or lower than oversea shippers.