Manually Recommend Products by Collection?

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Given that we have thousands of products, we can't set up manual recommendations one by one. We're looking for an app where if you buy something from Collection A, you are recommended products from Collections B, C & D. 

Suggestions welcome. Thank you.

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Hello @ACKPerfume ,

Possible with custom code.
Idea is, we have to identify to which collection active product belongs. Once we get the active collection then in 'recommendation' loop call product of all collection but exclude the product which belongs to active collection. 


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Hi @ACKPerfume ,

Many Merchants have the idea of using manual recommendations. This is usually based on the idea that you know your products well and can link the right products with each other. Of course, you do know your products.

However, manual recommendations do have several drawbacks. First, they are "rule" based, so they always behave the same and don't change as you update your products, and they don't change per shopper. We all know that people are different and we find merchants sell more when they treat people according to their tastes and shopping behavior.

Fixed rules do not make the most of the information you have, e.g., if one product starts to sell better (or another performs poorly).

Most importantly for you, Manual Recommendations do not scale as you increase the number of products.

I would encourage you to consider using high-quality AI-driven personalized product recommendations.  These work across collections. This is important as high-quality recommendations help the shopper find the best product for them.

One such app is Frankie that uses advanced visual AI to ensure your product recommendations are personalized to each shopper (in real-time), and as result, are highly relevant. Frankie also provides Recently Viewed as part of the Frankie package. Displaying Recently Viewed is useful as it acts as a Wishlist - reminding each shopper what they have liked and clicked on. This can dramatically improve conversion. 

The key idea behind Frankie is a simple one. Display the products that each shopper is most likely to buy. 

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