Many Vistors, no purchases.. Help!

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Hey guys,

I have a site set up that is getting decent traffic after around 20 days up and running. Currently my site is averaging 150 visitors/day, and around 30% of landing pages are on product pages. I have went through after seeking out advice and added trust badges, great descriptions with GIFs, products reviews, free shipping, etc, and prices seem to be good (to me?) The problem is, the coversions are just not there. Out of 150 visitors I would expect at least an add to cart here or there, but no such luck so far in the past few days. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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This problem could have a lot of causes.


Most common are: Page load times, conversion optimization, or bounced visitors.


Are you using google analytics to understand your visitors. You should be able to see when and where they are dropping off. if customers are only staying on your page for a few seconds, they either ended up in the wrong place, or your product just isn't what they thought they were clicking on from your ads, or your search results on google don't match your product.


I would need to know more to give you a better answer than that.


If you haven't installed google analytics yet, start there. If you do have google analytics, share more and I'll see what I can offer.