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I'm new to Shopify and was excited about being able to do all my email marketing from inside the platform rather than continue doing it externally through Mailchimp. However I'm finding it severly limited. Specifially:

- The report after I send out an email campagin is very limited. It tells me how many opens, clicks and unsubscribes I have but does not tell me who they are. It also simply removes the 'subscribed' tag in the customer list but doesn't specifically tell me they've unsubscribed.

- I can't send a welcome email to people who have just signed up which is critical as we have a discount code for first time users. I've had a million suggestions to use other apps (like Klaviyo) but would love to know if Shopify is looking to grow their platform to be able to do this. We do not require two-step authentication for signing up.

Just wondering if anyone has any workarounds that don't involve me using another programme - otherwise I may as well keep using Mailchimp. Also keen to know if Shopify is planning to expand their marketing platform in future (in which case I could probably ride it out).