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I need help with marketing. I have a created my website and want to sale my products anyone can suggest me something that might be helpful for me.

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Hello Jason!

First, a question. Do you already have traffic to your store? If no, then I would recommend you start with Facebook ads. This will help to first drive traffic to your store. Then you can engage Facebook sales funnel. As the name implies, it is used mainly to get sales. Since your customers' purchase journey is important, you need to have a solid sales journey/ funnel in place. 

By then, you would be having visitors, then sales. But that won't be the end, you would need to retain the customers. For this, Email marketing would have to be employed into your store.

Pretty long step, right? Yeah,but for you to have consistent incredible sales and returning buyers, this is really essential.


If this interests you, or you have any questions, you can message me. Or contact my service directly,

Thanks again and I hope this was helpful.

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Well Thanks for guiding me, well my Url is ( ) So now guide me according to my site how can I sale these thing.

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Hi @jasonhugger2132 welcome to Shopify community 

Write a Brand Summary

Start from the beginning. Consider where your company and brand are today. Where are your major markets? What are your feeder markets? What markets would you like to expand into? Are you seasonal? How many customers do you have? What is your 12-month goal?

In creating a marketing plan, also consider what channels you currently use to market. 

Define Your Target Audience

Consider demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, brand perception, and beliefs of your audience.

Understand the perceptions in the marketplace about your brand. By tapping your current customers, you can gain valuable insight to help identify growth markets, pinpoint new product offerings and make marketing decisions easier. 

Product Store

Another simple way of increasing sales is by using product labels & badges. You can highlight your best sellers, new arrivals, discounted items with the help of product labels easily.

I hope this helps!


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