Marketplace with multiple countries - best way to go about it?

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Hi there,

I am building a marketplace, and I ideally want to have multiple country stores (4 actually, them being: US, Uk/EU, Australia, and Rest of World), but I need them all to feed from the parent store. I would like a customer to log in to the main domain (.com) then for them to re-directed to the most relevant store for where they are shopping. (i.e. from the 4 above). or they could chose which country you're shopping from like many websites have these days.  

Also its important to note, I am using a drop-ship integration partner (jetti) to link the marketplace to all my brands stores thorugh API's etc. some of these stores only ship to certain countries so i would only display them on certain stores (i.e. USA and Australia for example - as they dont ship UK/EU or anywhere else) - so each store would be slightly different with what is stocked on them (but 90-95% the same). it'd just be different currency, and have different language offered. 

Also important to note, each country store would have a different shipping deal available on them - i.e. free shipping and return domestically, or a flat fee internationally etc. BUT the brands that are considered domestic and international would change in each store depending on where each brands ships from. i.e. if you were a US cusomter, a US brand would be free to to deliver, but an internstionalbrand would be a flat fee - and vice versa. 

I don't want to buy a Shopify Plus $2k+ a month option ideally (as i dont need all the functionlity on those plans - and its far too expensive to be viable for me at this point) - is there another effective yet far cheaper way for me to go about it? it may be the best option to happy to hear this, but i feel there must be another solution for me. 

It has also been suggested to me that I actually would need to create 4 different websites, hence i would need to buy 4x shopify plans, and 4x each app so each store is the same etc. this sounds crazy, as the costs would blow out even more than a shopify plus plan.  

i feel like there is better option than both the above. I would love if someone could steer me in the right direction of how to set this up properly? or please feel free to make suggestions of improve my current thoughts. 

thank you