Marking all Items and Variants as Physical Items

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Hello, I'm brand new to Shopify and there's definitely a learning curve I'm trying to get past. I started on Etsy, and uploaded all of my products from there, but unfortunately all of my products and variants are marked as digital items. So far I've only found a way to change them to physical item is manually going in to each variant and changing the item to physical, and updating the shipping info. If I could do this once per item even it would save a lot of time. That would let me do it 30 times instead of 500. If there was a way to save the shipping info so I didn't have to do it each time that would be helpful as well.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi, @Kittau!

Julie here from Shopify Support.

First off, welcome to Shopify! I'm glad to hear that you're successfully imported your products over from Etsy. Since you're just getting started, I wanted to pass along our General Checklist. This is a great resource that will walk you through everything necessary prior to launching your store. It also includes links to relevant help docs, ensuring that you have access to all the information you need while setting up your store. 

To answer your question, there are a couple of ways that you can mark all of your products as physical items without editing each variant individually. One option is to use the bulk editor. With the bulk editor, which is similar to a spreadsheet, you can edit multiple products and their variants at once from your Shopify admin.

To use the bulk editor, simply head on over to Products and click the master checkbox above all products. From there, make sure that you choose the option, "Select all 50+ items from your store". Next, select Edit products > Add fields. You'll notice a a Shipping section, where you can then select Requires shipping. Once that field is added, you'll just need to make sure that each product is set to require shipping; this tells the system that it is a physical product, rather than a digital product. There's also a list of shortcuts in the bulk editor I recommend checking out, as this will help you apply the change to all of your products at once.

Aside from the bulk editor, you could export your products to a CSV file, where you will be able to edit them using a spreadsheet. Here, you'll just need to edit the Variant requires shipping column, simply changing the value from "False" to "True". If you're comfortable with Google Sheets or Excel, then this option would be worth considering. Once you've edited your products, you'll just need to save the file and then import the products CSV into your store again, where they will automatically update.

Now, when you mention that you're needing to update the shipping information, what exactly are you trying to update? Do you have a screenshot you can share that shows this? Please feel free to respond here and I'd be happy to lend a further hand with that! 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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@Kittau ,

We have just to solution to eliminate the time and effort of updating the shipping info for variants on an item.  As for the digital to physical, the Shopify expert is a sound solution. Let me know about any shipping challenges during this process.  

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I hear you! I'm doing the same, coming from Etsy sounds like OMG overwhelming, but let's keep up, we deserve it! :)  Still to read the solution, LOL got excited someone right now it's in the same path I'm. Regards


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Just simply changing the value from "False" to "True" will not fix the problem for me. Yes now it says it requires shipping bit there are boxes next to each product that requires to be checked to really activate shipping. So again how to do this without doing it manually? Where is this in the CSV? Thanks


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Hi, @Marko9

This is Rae from Shopify. I'm helping out my colleague Julie with this thread, and I'd like to lend a hand with your question. 

As you mentioned, using the bulk editor does require you to check off every applicable box in the 'Requires shipping' column, so I understand that this may not be the ideal solution for you. 

In terms of using a product CSV instead, the column within the CSV you'll want to edit is titled 'Variant Requires Shipping'. Check out this help document to learn more about how this column works, and how to update it on your CSV. 

You also mentioned changing the value from 'false' to 'true' is not working on your end. Can you please confirm where you made this change? That way, I can help look into this further! 


Rae | Social Care @ Shopify 
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