Marking orders as "Ready to ship" or "Ready to fulfill" as a Fulfilment status

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When orders are processed as Local delivery or Pickup, these orders can be marked as "Ready for delivery" or "Ready for pickup". Once the items have been delivered or picked up, then the order can be marked as "Delivered" or "Picked up" (thus archiving the order).

Can we have a similar status for orders that are processed as Shipping? Right now, once we get a shipped order, the only thing we can do is "mark as fulfilled". This will complete and archive the order. There's no intermediary step like "Ready for shipping", "Ready for fulfillment", "Ready to ship", "Ready to fulfill" etc. to indicate that the order's items have been prepared and packaged for shipping.

Being able to mark such a step would be really helpful to keep track of what orders have been prepared already and what still needs to be prepared. It will also be helpful to notify our customers that the item is now ready and about to go out for shipping.

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You're welcome, and thank you too! :)
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