Massive spike from BOTs from Boardman, Is it a negative SEO attack, Can I block it, or its positive?

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Noticed today, the day we took the password protection off our site, google analytics showed 185 new users over the matter of a few minutes from Boardman, Oregon.

Im wondering if this is:

  • a 'negativee SEO' attack
  • Will it actually hurt my listing rankings
  • should I/Can I block that specific traffic?
  • or is it search engine bots checking the pages, and this is a good thing?

Thank you very much for your help here.  We are in "launch stage go" mode and I really want to prevent any potential damage from our site SEO rankings and any other negative possibilities from this odd circumstance. 

Kelly Kellam


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Hi Kelly,

if you look at the pages which were visited, I am sure they will be collection pages.  I have noticed the the same thing.  I think the pages are just being crawled by the search engines or Shopify.

It just messes up your reporting due to the extra visits.







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