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You as e-commerce sellers can’t get more excited when the holiday season comes around, can you? However, when sales are booming, it for sure becomes challenging for you to make sure every order is delivered to your customer on time. Imagine how frustrated your customers will get when they receive the gifts that were ordered for Christmas after Valentine’s Day - returns, refunds, and negative reviews will flush in and ruin the “5-Star” rating you worked so hard to earn.
Before we dig into the solutions, let’s understand the cause of the problem. Every year around this time, your logistics carriers will encounter a spike. Larger-than-usual volume flushes into their stations and warehouses, giving them a hard time to sort and dispatch the orders. Lots of orders could not be fulfilled on time because they get stuck in the sorting or transfer station. Did you ever get rejected by a warehouse? That’s because lots of out-going orders are stuck and they are overloaded, so they cannot take in orders anymore. The problem also becomes more prominent when a trendy product such as electronic cigarettes and fidget spinners enters the market. With the rapid development of e-commerce and growth in consumer spending power, overloading has become one of the biggest problems of cross-border logistics, especially during the holiday season.
On the other hand, the rise of international e-commerce has allowed bulk B2B orders to be separated into fragmented B2C orders. As a result, the demand for traditional large-scale freight methods such as ocean freight is declining. Nowadays, many fragmented e-commerce orders are actually getting dispatched into a variety of smaller-scale channels such as express delivery, postal parcels, and airfreight. By this, orders can avoid going through the overloading warehouses and arrive at the customers in a timely manner.
Wanna make sure your customers receive their gifts on time? Master holiday shipping with EzeeShip!
Headquartered in Los Angeles, EzeeShip provides all-in-one solutions including data analysis, logistics, and warehousing for all e-commerce businesses and international import and export corporations. We strive to become your reliable partner guiding you from setting up your store all the way through delivering your products!
Essentially, we offer FedEx, UPS, USPS discounted shipping services. Our advantages are:
1. Competitive Price
  • We provide discounts from 30% to 80%.
  • You can obtain rate quotes from FedEx, UPS, USPS in seconds.
  • We accept multiple payment methods, such as PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, Alipay, WeChat pay.
2. All-in-One System
  • We are connected to multiple e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, ShipStation, Etsy. Import your orders in one click!
  • We provide API for you to connect your own platform with EzeeShip
  • You can create shipping labels in batch online anytime, anywhere; tracking numbers are automatically updated to your orders.
  • Our oversea warehouse system provides you support in order and inventory management.
3. High-Standard Services
  • Our shipping processes are transparent and trackable.
  • We have a professional online customer service team bilingual in English and Chinese who is always ready to solve your problems.
  • Our WeChat mini-program is designed to make everything more convenient for you. Create labels and get estimated costs on your phone anytime, anywhere!
The holiday season is here, don’t wait! Sign up and become a member of EzeeShip today at, start saving your shipping costs and make your customers satisfied.
If you want to learn more information, please feel free to contact us at or +1(323)515-9683. We look forward to speaking with you and solving your problems!
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Usually I give gifts depending on what kind of activity my friend is engaged in. However, if we talk about the general, then I think that many are fond of traveling. Therefore, if you have a question about what to give for a holiday to your friend or loved one, then I think that scratch off a world map might work After all, this makes travel more fun, and is also a good symbolic gift

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I have many gift ideas, but they are all ordinary. To please one Slavic family familiar to me, I prepared these Russian dolls that are related to the culture of their country Maybe you heard about this? It is popular among Slavic people.