Matching Payouts with Daily Sales

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I am having a major problem and am hoping someone has some advice. For accounting purposes, I need a report of each Payout and what Product Types comprise the Orders within. How are people supposed to assign revenue to different departments if all they have are Order #s in the Payout Reports? There can be hundreds if not thousands of Orders within every Payout.

I thought I had a workaround by creating a Daily Custom Sales Report by Product Type including Fees, but for some reason my Payout Schedule spans multiple days, even during the week! So they never line up.

Does anyone know of an entity that could possible do Custom Coding for us to make this work? Or another way to achieve this? Would the Quickbooks Integration be able to do this for us on the Quickbooks side?



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Hi there!

Don here from Shopify. :)

Thanks for outlining your requirements here for us.

I've checked in with our payments team who confirmed your suspicions here in that it would not be possible to access info on sales by product type from the payout report itself.

As you had mentioned some issues with reconciling the reporting periods with the payout schedule then it might be best to look into the possibility of a custom solution.

You could check out an app like Deepmine which allows for more custom, in-depth, searching and reporting.

If this is not able to do what you need then you could still look into hiring a Shopify Expert Developer who could look into creating a private app for your store that would pull out the info you need.

All the best!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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The problem is that Shopify cuts off the sales on a given day according to UTC time zone rather than letting us customize it according to the time zone where we are selling.  THEN, the financial report shows the actual sales for our day according to our time zone rather than with the cut off UTC time - this makes a hairy discrepancy in numbers and takes hours to figure out. 


It would be helpful if Shopify would either let us choose the time zone according to your store location OR make it so we can see both financials, the actual one for our time zone with all of the sales for the day (as is currently showing) AND the one for the cut off time that shows up in our bank accounts.  It makes absolutely no sense the way that it is now and is useless for the shop owners.  PLEASE align this one way or the other so we can get our information.