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To set up a basic store where many of the products will be discounted based on whether the shopper is a "Member" in an association, what do you think is the best option to take? And the cheapest?

1-build two stores. So that from our home site, they select the store for Members and a store for Regular. 

2. do one store, but add Member and Regular versions of products as needed, and these products would be differentiated graphically in some way - and always displayed together - so that if you're a member you'll know enough to select the Regular (discounted) one. 

3. do one store, but add an app that allows a Member to apply a discounted, Member code to any of their purchases in order to get the member price. 

4. develop a a brand new app suitable for Shopify allowing allowing the user to see the two different prices for a given product, to invite them to click Member or Not member or think so (in case they aren't sure... then they would have the ability to browse a list that allows them to check if their company is a member). They would be taken to the correct pricing/checkout from that point.




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Hi, @EdgarB!


Rose here from Shopify. Thanks for reaching out!


First, how do you plan on curating a list of members for your online store? If I may suggest a method, I would recommend looking into this help document that explains how you can collect customer emails. By collecting customer emails through a newsletter sign up form, you will be creating a unique group of customers. With that group of customers, you can create a discount code that applies exclusively to them.


With that being said, you can take a look at our help document for discount codes. Offering a discount code to your members will be the less expensive route to take when determining the different price point for that group of customers. This would save you from creating various versions of your products and having some accidental overlap with regular customers purchasing a member designed product. However, it is important to note that customers cannot stack discount codes. So if your members are using a single discount code for their member pricing, any additional promotions cannot be applied.


Another option you could consider is an application such as Locksmith. Locksmith will allow you to block off a part of your site for your members. They will have exclusive access to this dedicated part of your store and see the pricing determined only for them. This ensures that your regular customers will never come across a product priced for your members and provide a sense of exclusivity for your members.


You can also consider creating an app if you wish to customize your store further. Should you be inclined to do so, we have supporting documentation for making a Shopify application including a start up guide to help you on your way. If you prefer additional support with this route, you can look into hiring a Shopify Expert. They are well versed in the API documentation for Shopify and can assist you in designing a tailored solution for your member pricing.


Let me know if that helped!




Rose | Social Care @ Shopify 
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