Member since 2016 really disappointed. This is the good bye

Where do I need to start? My name is Ayman, a marketing expert with experience more than 10 years ago. I started my own company in UAE and everything was fine until I decided to join Shopify in 2016 until today.

It was great and all, Never had any issues with my store until i got an email from the legal department which you cant even contact at all. Shopify has a support team and that's it, Even if you ask to talk to someone from such a department it's like you're asking to talk with a ghost.

Now the story is all about Trademark Infringement , They requested to change my domain name because it has someone else's company name on it that is located in the United States. And then my store is temporarily locked until I make those changes. 

I understand the situation. However, have you ever thought of the consequences that will occur once you freeze someone else's store who has daily sales from 3k to 6k a day with a monthly visit which is 300k++ a month? Who would make the compensation in these 2 days? I guess you should be responsible for this because you just listened to the complaint and acted very fast without having the second partner response.

My domain name and my company name is legally registered by the law, its official name is approved and I can use it in the United Arab Emirate whatever I want.

Now who is right and who is wrong? 

What about the domain rank I made which is rank 1 in the country. Paid ALOT to improve it 5 years of hard work and in a blink of an eye everything is gone you can't control something that YOU own.

And here all the trouble started. Clients calling, Everyone asking what happened to the website. Why it's not working. Where is my order? and many bad situations.  Even my clients, which are big companies in the UAE called me. That was really a scandal.

The damage is huge yet the legal team didn't reply to my response and I guess I'm taking the next step with my lawyer in order to see my option.  

Lesson learned from my side: Have your own things to control without letting anyone else control it or you will be in the same bad situation and the shopify team really needs to fix this issue. You can't just do whatever you want and leave someone else work down like this. There should be urgent response in order to Re open the store asap to avoid such a mistake. 

I'm in the process of transferring my domain to my own account and have my own platform. I guess I can work better and make sure I'm really safe.

It was a good 4 years, Good bye.