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Does anyone know how to add video content to site after customer have purchased payed membership ( bold membership )

Do i need separate hosting for videos? 1 hour+ long, more than 20Mb for sure. and a lots of those becoming years.

How do i build the the site the way that customer can see the selection of the videos and the icon button ( picture ) and text underneath it and when they click it, the video starts to play.

Kind regards and happy if someone can help


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This should be doable with some custom coding but can be quite simple.

Your membership can be a product. With Shopify, you can even have now (2021) recurring payments.  

The Liquid customer object can "tell you" if a user has an account. If so you can serve the videos:

Discuss with a developer, it is something that can be setup.

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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Hey @Markku and welcome!

Have you seen this guide from Shopify about selling digital products? Might be a good place to start.

There are ways to lock content behind gateways (ie: customer is logged in and/or customer tag is "active membership")

Apps to consider that may help:

- Thinkific
- Locksmith
- Customer Fields

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- Customer Fields
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