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Hi all

My name is Eme . I am very interested in dropshipping business model with no I decided to dive in into e-commerce through buying a ready functioning Shopify online store from  shopify exchange.. OGClout. Com. The site has  3k instagram followers and 1.2k email subscribers when i bought it.. The store was doing well until i bought it four weeks ago.. the seller has promised after sales support but not forthcoming with details.Today sales down at a depressing traffic..  i thought about hiring a va and interviewed one who made me understand i have not utilised the site potential fully and no social media presence.. but it had 3k instagram followers  when i bought it!  I feel sad but optimistic that things will look up once i get directions. . So please i need a mentor or someone who has succeeded from buying ready made  shopify store to advise on going forward profitably. I am happy to pay for results. Problem is i work and would need  dedicated support moving forward. If you can help please reply.. thank you all.


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Hi, Please leave a contact email so I can discuss further with you about this issue

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first and foremost a mentor require to spend time with you and this come not FREE because what if everybody want the same thing?
i have coach many people successfully with multiple skype calls, so let me give you some advices and you judge yourself if you want to work with me or if you wanna take the advices!

1) is your store optimized? in an ideal world we have unlimited budget- but even this wont help you if your site is not able to convert visitors to sales, DON'T forget we dont live in an ideal world so we don't have unlimited budget on top you talk about fan bages with existing fan base, even those people if haven't bought you need 1 to work on your site and re think your whole products...

2) you bought the site but did he pass the pixel along with the ad manager? usualy this is part of the process otherwise you bought just another site that can be build easily (especially if it use alixpress products)

3) do you use the right apps that convert viewers or carts or initiate checkouts to sales?
i have create my own solution for this called

then you should dive into the data you already have (customer list- analyze fan page and insta page)
and get a better idea of your ideal customer....

now inside my app i also provide a free review of your site and i tell you exactly what needs change or  modification....

for mentoring 1 on 1  inside the app i have a sign up form or you can contact me at

whatever you decide you always need to have in mind that there is no overnight success and you are building an long term sustainable business



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Thanks for your detailed reply but honestly  you left me  confused.. are you advising i buy your apps to help me solve these problems??

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Hi try they have a mentor program that starts you etting sales. Good luck!!! 

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Hi Eme,

I can almost hear the frustration in your post.

It looks like you posted about a month ago, but if you haven't turned things around yet, I would be happy help.

I run an ecommerce agency focused exclusively on Shopify (we're also Shopify Partners) and I've seen this too many times: a store that "was doing well until i bought it".

The two most common reasons are 1) the store wasn't actually doing as well as the buyer was lead to believe, or 2) the seller was 'goosing' results to make it seem more attractive or sell for a higher price, most often by not being forthright about how they achieved their results e.g. spending money on ads to drive sales - perhaps ad campaigns that had a negative ROI, but if you don't take into account the ad spend, it looks like general, profitable sales.

I'm not saying this is the case, but the reality is that simply changing ownership shouldn't drastically reduce sales and traffic.

I would be happy to do an 'audit & analysis', something we do whenever we begin working with someone.

We look at the store itself, how well it is - or isn't - setup and optimized, where traffic is coming from, what opportunities or avenues would be most worthwhile to pursue, and some basic competitive analysis to get a sense of what others in similar niches are doing and what you can or should expect.

I'm willing to do this for you gratis - no cost, no obligation.

If you're interested, let me know - you can email me directly at "mike @ analogymarketing . com" (no spaces). At the very least you'll get an honest and realistic assessment of where you're at, and what to do to can make your investment pay off.

Michael Ullman

Analogy Marketing is a Shopify Partner Ecommerce Marketing Agency focused exclusively on boosting traffic, sales, and conversions for Shopify stores through SEO, social media + content marketing, and advertising.