Merge two customer accounts into one

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Adding our name to this topic, please sort this issue out shopify!

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Hi all

For anyone interested, I'm testing out an app on the app store that would allow store owners to keep track of duplicate customers and merge orders placed by them. I plan to keep the app entirely free since this issue seems like such a pain-point for folks.

I'd love help to test the app out in its alpha stage! For those interested, please sign up here and I'll be in touch when the app is on the store:


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There are multiple requests for this across the forums.

This NEEDS to be a function ASAP. There’s no way to reassign orders to a different customer account so we need to be able to merge them when people register with slightly different emails or details.

This is important for all of the reasons others have stated. I don’t understand why this isn’t being implemented on a premium subscription platform.

Dealing with this now and its a big hassle, I'd love to see an app or solution via Shopify. 

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It is odd that it hasn't been addressed.  I've remember posting about this in 2015.  4 years on the internet is like 600 years in real life.  I still have this problem today.  Shopify is mostly rad but occasionally frustrating.

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PLEASE give us this functionality. It is so weird that this simple thing hasn't been handled in all of these years.

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I'd like to add my name to this thread - I have many customers with multiple accounts, and apart from anything else it messes with my loyalty points scheme. We need to be able to merge them

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Goodness, I'm surprised this isn't an option yet.  Shopify gurus, I'd love this feature also!

We need this feature really soon! Cmon Shopify

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